Level 3 Therapeutic Thai Massage

Duration: 30 hours (5 days) Mon – Fri 09.00-16.00
Course Date: Open Monday: See Schedule below
Prerequisite:     TMC Level II
Offer with No   Extra Charge:
  • Level 3 detailed workbook 191 pages of 22 healing lessons proven to be effective by the Thai Massage Revival Project including Tok Sen to complement the traditional Thai medicine wisdom. This sacred healing is an exception knowledge for most effective therapeutic massage when combine with Nuad Thai and herbal ball application. Formerly was in the Level 4 or 5. Now include in this course to make therapeutic massage complete.
  • Advanced Sacred Abdominal Massage for Healing with Thai loincloth
  • Additional variation technique manual.
  • Tok Sen wooden hammer tool
  • 1 Thai loincloth
  • Herbal tea, practice clothes, transportation in pickup zone.
  • Digital file for Memory of Your Time at TMC.
Translated Workbook: Some levels are in some languages such as Russian, German, Vietnamese, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French, and Japanese.
Available at the production cost for student in class who need the language.Please write for update details.
Course Fee:     

8,500 Baht (7,650 Baht with 10% Discount)

Take Level 1-2-3 Check course date at Level 3 and Comprehensive. Click here

Level 3 Therapeutic Thai Massage is the most comprehensive proven therapeutic techniques by the Thai Massage Revival Project. This government sponsored project
in cooperated of 12 renown organizations and temple in Thai massage and Thai traditional medicine fields. The lessons were drafted and therapists were trained to apply these techniques to various community hospital bases around the country with scientific measurement system to arrive at the effective results with over all above 80% successful outcome. Thus, the techniques are approved for formal training to public. (See complete details on the Thai Massage Revival Project” in Level 1 textbook chapter 15 page 169)

TMC teachers were blessed to become students of the Monk – Chief Advisor of the project and his top disciple is the direct teacher to TMC teachers for all therapeutic techniques taught. Our direct teacher is one of the 12 teachers in the Thai Massage Revival Project.

Level 3-22 lessons cover how to solve different ailments such as lower back pain, strain, sprain, headache, constipation, leg cramps etc. Teacher demonstrates and points out each pressure point (acupressure points) and how to apply with therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic massage is applied together with the massage techniques learned from Level 1 and 2. The class includes massage planning to apply to different ailment and practice to provide therapeutic massage under closed teacher’s supervision.

The fun and interesting part of this course is the last day- Friday, where students get to learn how to make fresh herbal ball from fresh herbs, herbs’ properties and how to prepare them. Then the end is to make them into beautiful ball.

Students will learn how to apply steamed herbal ball with Thai massage for therapeutic result based on techniques learned from L 1-2- and 3. This workshop prepare students to be able to adapt how to make when they return home. This healing application is the most common in all Thai massage places — in the temples and community hospital bases.

The workbook of 191 pages cover 22 lessons and brief explanation of each conditions and contraindications is given in class. Student will receive a pack of 2 dried herbal balls to bring home. [Level III Manual on other languages available in English and Japanese, and Thai with the fee of 250 Baht.]

TMC’s Comprehensive Thai Massage 90 Hour Program enables Thai students to earn approval to work as professional massage therapists in Thailand by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

Course Content Level 3

Day 1:  

Introduction to Therapeutic Thai massage.
Sun Salutation (Suriya Namasakan - Yogi Exercise in advance posture)

Lesson 9          Headache and neck pain / practice.
Lesson 8          Self massage for headache and neck pain.
Lesson 7          Neck stiffness / practice.
Lesson 11        Arm weakness, numbness and stiffness/ practice.
Lesson 4          Self massage for hand and arms.

Day 2:

Sun Salutation (Suriya Namasakan - Yogi Exercise in advance posture)

Lesson 5          Shoulder blade stiffness / practice.

Lesson 17        Back pain - Lower back pain

Lesson 16        Back massage using wooden hills
Lesson 1          Knee pain / practice.

Lesson 2          Self massage for knee.


Sun Salutation (Suriya Namasakan - Yogi Exercise in advance posture)

Lesson 12         Indigestion and abdominal gas pain/ practice.
Lesson 13         Constipation
Lesson 10         Prevention of menstruation cramps/ practice.
Lesson 15         Leg pain , Cramps or Stiffness / practice
Lesson 14         Self massage for Leg pain.

Day 4:
Video for special need massage

Sun Salutation (Suriya Namasakan - Yogi Exercise in advance posture)

Lesson 3          Sprained ankle / practice.

Lesson 18        Massage for sick person and old person

Lesson 6           Dizziness, Fatigue

P.M. - Practice combination therapeutic massage 1 hour according to massage plan
- Written examination

- Massage Internship with student on solving situation of Headache and Neck pain with 45 Min.


Day 5:
Lesson 19       The making of herbal ball from fresh herbs.

Lesson 20       The application of herbal ball in Therapeutic in Thai Massage.

Massage internship with student on solving situation of Shoulder Blade Stiffness or

Back Pain-Lower Back Pain with 1 hour massage
Practical test is a part of an on-going evaluation by the teacher during practical training of each lesson, correction are made along the training to assist student until able to perform each position adequately.
A short quiz is given during the week.

Completion of Level III course.

Note: Class schedule time-table may be adjusted according to the students' level of understanding. However, all lessons will be completed within the course time.

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The reputation that I heard from friends brought me to TMC. The school did perform as presented on website. It was an amazing unforgettable experience as TMC will always have a special place in my heart. TMC is like family to me filled with warmth and love."
Gabriel Moreno
Comprehensive Thai Massage 90 Hours: 13 November 2015