Course Date 2021

Foundation of Thai Massage: Level 1 (30 hours)
Monday to Friday

11 - 15 Jan 2021

Comprehensive Thai Massage: Level 1-2-3 (90 Hours)
Monday to Friday (every 3 weeks)

Foundation of
Thai Massage Level 1
(5 days M - F)
Thai Massage
Enhancement Level 2
(5 days M - F)
Pre-requisite: Level 1
Thai Massage Level 3
(5 days M - F)
Level 1, Level 2
11 - 15 Jan 2021 18 - 22 Jan 2021 25 - 29 Jan 2021

* If you think you may continue I5 program (Level 4-5), please select schedule in blue

Intensive Professional
Thai Massage 150 Hours (I5)
(Level 1 - 5 / 5 weeks M - F)
Level 4-5
(2 weeks M - F)
Pre-requisite: Level 1-2-3
11 Jan - 12 Feb 2021 1 - 12 Feb 2021


* If you think you may continue GCT 300 program, Please select schedule in green


Teacher Training
GCT300: Phase I
(10 weeks M - F)
GCT300 hours / week 6-10
(5 weeks M - F)
Pre-requisite: I5
11 Jan - 19 Mar 2021 15 Feb - 19 Mar 2021


Teacher Training
GCT600 Hours
Phase II (10 weeks M-F)
Pre-requisite: GCT300
Not Available





TMC has authorized teachers around the world—under GCT program.

GCT: Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher Training


With the Covid 19 situation around the world and in Thailand remain critical and at risk for everyone, TMC school urge people who are interested to learn Thai massage to look for TMC authorized teachers near you.

TMC will offer classes until March 2021 for current students, then will withhold the remaining 2021 classes until the crisis subside and people can travel freely.

This way students can come to learn without stress and not having to go through quarantine restriction. We will be here to welcome you at that time.

During this difficult time in traveling to Thailand, please look for TMC authorized teachers near you. You can learn the same curriculum like at TMC Thailand: Courses from Level 1, 2, 3 and all short courses. If you wish to continue higher learning, you can come to TMC Thailand in the future.

The quality of teaching is the same like at TMC Thailand. This has been proven when our affiliation students come to continue higher courses. Everyone shows the same quality of training from their affiliated teachers. They take part in the same classroom with TMC Thailand students for higher learning with the same knowledge and quality of education they received prior. One cannot tell the different from their practice. They are all the same high quality training.

Every course has high standard manual for learning. Some teachers have translated manuals in your language other than English.

Make use of this opportunity and don't let Covid 19 stop you from learning Thai massage to help someone you love and make professional on it.

Click here to locate the teachers and courses they offer.

If you need help contacting the teachers, please write to us and we will connect you to TMC teachers near you.

TMC School in Thailand remain open to continue support to students around the world. Teachers will post knowledge applicable to massage for further learning on TMC school website and on Facebook regularly. Please follow up on these media. Your ongoing comment and response will add strength and energy to your school. As long as you don't give up, we will not stop the pursuit and sharing of Thai massage knowledge for the world.

With boundless love and compassion to mankind, we will overcome this crisis together no matter what it takes. We will make all these obstacles to be our trial and challenge. We will WIN this together.

TMC motto of Nuad Thai - Thai Massage (Nuad=Massage)
Safe Polite and Effective

"The birthplace of traditional Thai massage"
interviewed Wat Pho and TMC.

UNESCO Awarded Nuad Thai - traditional Thai massage.
The temple in the article was Wat Nong Yanang where TMC teachers trained for therapeutic Nuad Thai