Comprehensive Thai Massage 90 Hour Course

Comprehensive Thai Massage 90 Hour Course

Duration: 90 hours (15 days) Mon – Fri 09.00-16.00
Course Date: Open Monday: See Schedule below
Prerequisite:     None
Offer with No   Extra Charge: ·        Receive text book “Ancient Thai Massage Healing with Prana: Fourth Edition” value 790 Baht.

·        An Earth Bag by special children.

·        Level 2 workbook with systematic sequences of 158 positions learned from
Level 1; additional 19 lessons manual; 12 variation techniques manual.

·        Complete 17 postures of Yogi Stretching Exercise.

·        Level 3 detailed workbook 191 pages of 22 healing lessons proven to be effective by the Thai Massage Revival Project including full detail in the making of Herbal Ball and the application to Thai massage healing, additional variation technique manual.

·        Three herbal balls -1 fresh- 2 dried.

·        Herbal tea, practice clothes, transportation in pickup zone.

Course Fee:      25,500 Baht: (22,950 Baht with 10% discount)
Receive 10% discount when apply for all 3 Levels at the same time. Discount is given at the school on the first day.
Take Level 1-2-3 Check course date at Level 3 and Comprehensive. Click here

This is the most effective short term course in Thai massage. Students will learn all 3 levels to be able to perform effective Thai massage for 1-2-3 hours including therapeutic Thai massage.

This is the course for student with available 3 weeks time otherwise student may take each level and return for higher level in the future.