Basic Thai Massage

Duration: 18 hours (3 days) Mon – Wed 09.00-16.00
Course Date: Please see schedule
Prerequisite:     None
Offer with No   Extra Charge:
  • Text book "Ancient Thai Massage Healing with Prana:
    Fourth Edition" value 890 Baht.
  • An Earth Bag hand painted by special children.
  • Herbal tea, practice clothes, transportation in pickup zone.
  • Digital file for Memory of Your Time at TMC.
Translated Workbook: Some levels are in some languages such as Russian, German, Vietnamese, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French, and Japanese.
Available at the production cost for student in class who need the language.
Please write for update details.
Course Fee:     

7,500 Baht: (6,750 with 10% discount) If change to 5 days course pay 1,000 Baht more.

Basic Thai Massage is for learners who have limited time but wish to acquire basic knowledge, minimal stretching techniques and less practice time than the 5-day course. Students participate in the first three days of the 5-day course. The course includes the text book Ancient Thai Massage Healing with Prana: Fourth Edition.


I just took the Basic Thai Massage class because I had limited time in Chiang Mai. I really wish I had more time to take a longer course. I have had a very good experience and learn so much in just 3 days. I look forward to returning to TMC in the future. Very kind staff and met really great people from all over the world. Truly a lovely experience."
Niina Lobbestael