Thai Foot Reflexology

Duration: 12 hours (2 days) 09.00-16.00
Course Date: Open Sat-Sun Click to see course schedule
For the schedule on Mon – Fri, please contact us in advance for availability.  (9 Mar – 24 Apr 2020 is open for Mon – Fri class)
Prerequisite:     None
Offer with No   Extra Charge: ·        Receive workbook of Thai Foot Reflexology and massage tool.

·        An Earth Bag by special children.

·        Herbal tea, practice clothes, transportation in pickup zone.

·        Digital downloaded Video of Thai Foot Reflexology

Course Fee:      6,900 Baht


Thai Foot Reflexology is an impressive 2 days class. The teaching ensures your ability to perform Thai foot massage to your guest! This is the only course you will be able to go home with a true knowledge in Thai foot massage in 2 days. Fun to learn and can do it for real. TMC effective system of learning Thai foot massage will help you achieve this goal in 2 days.

The course is suitable for all learners: It is a lifetime gift to bring home to family and friends, or add on to massage professional career. TMC most effective and systematic training will enable students to follow the teacher’s demonstration easily with provided charts and workbook, then practice the lessons with so much fun and pleasure. Short sessions in legs, hands, arms, and shoulder massage are included in the course. The training is less physical demand than body massage and suitable to most people. Workbook with chart and wooden stick –massage tool- are included.

Course Content Thai Foot Reflexology

Day 1: 

09.00 Introduction – read from workbook
Hands and fingers exercise
Lesson 1: Foot Bath - Demonstration
Lesson 2: Foot Wrapping – Demonstration/Practice
Lesson 3: Foot Warming Up - Demonstration/Practice
Lesson 4 : Foot Reflexology points - Demonstration/Practice
11.45-13.00 Lunch and rest
13.00-14.45 Continue Foot Reflexology points - Demonstration/Practice
14.45-15.00 Break
15.00-16.00 Continue practice
End class

Day 2:

09.00 Hands and fingers exercise
Lesson 5: Leg Massage - Demonstration/Practice
Lesson 6: Arm-Hand Massage - Demonstration/Practice
Lesson 7: Shoulder Massage - Demonstration/Practice
Written examination
11.45-13.00 Lunch and rest
13.00-14.45 Practice on the complete sequence hands-on techniques
14.45-15.00 Break
15.00-16.00 Continue practice
End class

Practical test is a part of an on-going evaluation by the teacher during practical training of each lesson, correction are made along the training to assist student until able to perform each position adequately.
A short quiz is given during the week.

Completion of Thai Foot Reflexology course.

Note: Class schedule time-table may be adjusted according to the students' level of understanding. However, all lessons will be completed within the course time.

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Thoroughly enjoyed Thai massage and reflexology course. I have learnt such a lot in 2 days and feel confident to practice on friends and relatives. Will take more courses here when I come back to Chiang Mai"
Anjana Chavda
United Kingdom
Thai Foot Massage: 4 October 2015