TMC school locate only a short distance away from the city but in a convenient location, yet students get to enjoy peaceful environment of being in a residential area with canal in the back of the school. We encourage students to select place to stay in the city area to enjoy the activities off class time. TMC provide transportation to take the burden of looking each morning for one to get to school.

Please try to choose a place to stay from the list here. We visited them and found them to be with good reputation and in the pickup zone. 

The school does not accept commission from these places (or any sources). They are convenient for your stay while study at TMC. And most importantly, they are within the pick-up areas that TMC offers complementary service for you. You may change location after you are familiar with the city and kwon where to be. Some may be in the location that is difficult for you to get around. We are not encouraging students to rent a motorbike since it is prone for accident.

Should your chosen guesthouse or hotel is out of the pick-up zone, you may have to find your own transportation to the school, or the pick-up points nearby. Be sure to check with TMC first when you book the hotel outside the list.

Guest Houses:




Daily rate (Baht)

Month rate


Tip Top Thai House
* No deposit required
Address: 27/2 Singharat Rd, Soi 3,
Sri Phum Chiang Mai
Tel. 053-212 232
Mobile: 081- 882 6728, 081- 960 3878
Please contact
for rate
Please contact
for rate


Mountain View
* No deposit required
Address: 103-105 Sri Poom Road
(Opposite Changpuak Gate)
Chiang Mai
Tel. 053-212 866, 053-217 843
300-1,000 10,000-15,000

Please see the map of residents nearby school

NOTE: Long-term stay will have to pay extra for utility such as electricity and may be water. They may require a month deposit and minimum stay. Be sure to discuss the term well before making commitment. Some will provide cleaning service once a week. Some may not and may not have bed sheet included.

If your place is not from the list above, be sure they are within the pick-up zone. So, check the address and the pick up points below. Best to ask TMC before you book with them. If you choose to stay outside the pick-up zone, we will make an appointment to pick up only these pick up points.   Click here for Map of Pick up Points